EvoLogics GmbH

  • Ackerstrasse 76
    13355 Berlin

About EvoLogics GmbH

EvoLogics is a high-tech enterprise with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and a US sales office in Yorktown, Virginia. 

The company launched in 2000 with a strong group of scientists and R&D experts, aimed to develop innovative technologies for maritime and offshore industries.

EvoLogics creates high-end solutions for underwater smart robotics, sensor systems, acoustic communication and positioning networks. These combine state-of-the-art engineering with bionic concepts.

Research and innovation are the cornerstones of EvoLogics, and an underwater “Internet of Things” that enables intelligent cooperation between various vehicles and sensors is the main vector of EvoLogics development strategy.

Smart underwater networks build on EvoLogics‘ S2C spread-spectrum communication technology that combines underwater acoustic data networks with integrated real-time positioning. Together with advanced sensor systems, AI-based object recognition and analytics, as well as autonomous underwater and surface vehicles for survey and support operations, they create highly capable underwater solutions for complex mission scenarios.


The Sonobot 5 unmanned surface vehicle is a system platform, tailored to the needs of hydrographic surveying, monitoring, as well as search and rescue in inland...

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S2C R 48/78 USBL

S2CR 48/78 USBL with a horizontally omnidirectional transducer beam pattern is a high-speed device for tracking and communication in reverberant shallow waters,...

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S2CM 18/34

The S2C M series of "mini-modems", a product line designed for size- and weight-sensitive applications, is ideal for integration with modern UUVs. S2C M modems...

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S2C R 12/24 USBL

S2CR 12/24 USBL is a depth-rated device for long range data transmissions and USBL positioning, providing data transfer rates up to 9.2 kbit/s over a 6000 m ran...

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S2C R 18/34

S2CR 18/34 USBL with a horizontally omnidirectional transducer beam pattern is a universal tool for tracking and communication in reverberant shallow waters, pr...

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S2C M HS Modem

The new high-speed mini-modem offers incredible 62.5 kbps for short-range transmissions. S2C M modems are fully compatible with S2C R Modem, USBL and LBL ranges...

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The SONOBOT unmanned surface vehicle offers a platform for planning and executing a hydrographic survey, delivering accurate geo-referenced bathymetric measurem...

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