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Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co Ltd
Building 13, Tian'An Technology Zone
555 Pan Yu Da Dao Bei
511400 Guangzhou
Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co Ltd
About Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co Ltd

Hi-Target (Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co. Ltd) is a professional high-precision surveying instrument and solution provider based in China. Its areas of business include GPS/GNSS, total stations, GIS mapping, hydrographic surveying, UAVs, 3D laser system instrumentation, BDS high-precision applications, precision agriculture and machine control, indoor localisation solutions and more.

As a market-leading brand, Hi-Target invests heavily in research and development. It has collaborated with more than 100 universities in technological surveying research. 

As the first Chinese company in the GNSS industry to be listed, Hi-Target adheres to its corporate mission: ‘To create value for customers and wealth for shareholders while at the same time remaining a conscientious contributor to humanity’.

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