Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co Ltd

  • Building 13, Tian'An HQ Center
    No.555, North Panyu Road
    Panyu 511400 Guangzhou

About Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co Ltd

Established in 1999, Hi-Target is the first professional high-precision surveying and mapping instrument brand to be successfully listed in China. Hi-Target produces a wide range of surveying equipment including GNSS receivers, CORS stations, TPS, 3D laser scanners, GIS data collectors, UAV/UAS and hydrographic products to provide complete commercial solutions for various industries.

As a leading brand in the geospatial industry, Hi-Target invests heavily in research and development on top of collaborating with more than 100 universities globally to bring the latest positioning technology and innovation for product development. Hi-Target will continue to develop products and technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands of the geospatial arena. Customers can count on Hi-Target to be the best in its field with professional solutions and superior services.