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Storgatan 78
SE-939 32 Malå
+46 953 100 08
About ImpulseRadar

ImpulseRadar develops and builds ground penetrating radar (GPR) instruments and related software enabling people and organizations to investigate and map subsurface features and structure. In short, the company makes it possible to ‘see’ through and into all sorts of penetrable non-conductive materials such as the ground (soils and bedrock), concrete, roads, freshwater, snow and ice. A host of associated and established applications can be addressed with ImpulseRadar’s technology, and other new application areas have emerged recently, e.g. surveillance systems.

The company targets high-margin niches of the GPR market with products based on the latest real-time sampling technology, which offers significant advantages vs existing competitors. The primary target markets are geo-related and 3D imaging, but the offering is also suitable for utility locating and mapping applications. ImpulseRadar focuses its efforts on applications where it can make a clear difference in functionality, user-friendliness and system performance.

To build value and stability into the company, ImpulseRadar strives to keep and expand its expertise around core technology and key processes, while outsourcing non-critical tasks. ImpulseRadar’s mission is to develop, produce and market high-tech products and control systems.

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