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Juniper Systems
1132 West 1700 North
84321 Logan
United States
+1 4357531881
+1 4357531896
Juniper Systems
About Juniper Systems

Juniper Systems designs and manufactures the highest-quality rugged data collectors and sub-metre GNSS receivers on the market today. As a company that functions almost entirely under one roof in the USA, Juniper Systems is proud to offer resell partners and end users an unbeatable line of reliable data collection products and personal customer care.

Favoured among geospatial professionals as the most affordable and reliable sub-metre GNSS receiver, the Geode works as an all-in-one receiver for use in extreme environments. Users can easily pair the Geode GPS Receiver with the device of their choosing via Bluetooth and begin collecting precision data. And with its all-day battery life, users can work continuously without the worry of a dead battery.

The company’s robust line of ultra-rugged handheld computers include the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, Archer 2, and Allegro 2, arming users with their ideal data collection device. Juniper Systems also offers a Cedar line comprising the CT7G Rugged Tablet and CT5 Rugged Smartphone. All Juniper handheld computers provide improved GPS accuracy, an IP68 rating against water and dust, and an all-day battery life.

With a range of partnership opportunities, Juniper Systems offers complete customisation on all products. The team works closely with resellers to fully understand customer needs and determine the best solution for each unique situation. The company is proud of its growing number of successful partnerships and looks forward to new partnership opportunities.

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