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About Oaker Services

Since 1998, Oakar Services has been at the forefront in the distribution of integrated geospatial products, developing spatial information management systems, and offering training and capacity development programmes. As a geospatial consulting firm, it leverages technology to provide comprehensive geospatial solutions and products that respond to the needs of clients in the public, private, academic and non-profit-making sectors.

Oakar Services’ rich expertise in spatial data capture, analysis and modelling using superior geospatial solutions has been manifested in deliverables that are critical to decision-making in the key areas of public service delivery, land management, natural resource management, utility and infrastructure management, as well as in education and research.

Oakar Services’ team of versatile, highly trained and skilled professionals are committed to delivering reliable and innovative geospatial solutions to customers in Eastern Africa. At the core of the service offering and business practice is the provision of trusted solutions that realise tangible impact and application in a given industry. Through its solutions, the company aims to contribute to the modernisation of Eastern Africa by empowering industries to respond to the rapidly evolving business landscape.      



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