We capture real world complexity and transform it into a virtual one.

Founded in 2007, a global enterprise, Presagis set the standard for the modeling and simulation industry, from launching groundbreaking tools for creating synthetic environments, to developing full suites dedicated to simulation and visualization, we never stopped reaching higher or striving further.


Today, vast amounts of information are being constantly generated and collected from an immense range of sources, both structured and unstructured. All of this constantly changing data and its complexities brings its own unique challenges. Velocity 5D can help.

So, what is 5D? The fifth dimension. It starts from a single point join with another. We can measure distance. Adding another access provides a position. The addition of yet another access gives us depth. The third dimension where length, height, and width converge. From there, we move on to time from now and then day or night. Last week or in a decade, how do entities behave when accounting for the seconds, minutes, and hours?

That brings us to the fifth dimension or 5D. Combining all of these dimensions from geospatial data and sensors to the internet of things and behaviours, we gain the ability to derive insightful information that can solve a particular problem, not because it looks good or it's accurate. Because we have the most important information of all context, from its dizzying heights to cavernous deaths, our world is abundant with both beauty and scars, velocity, fived lets you see the truth of our world in context.