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RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems specialises in the research, development and production of laser scanners and scanning systems. Complemented by innovative RIEGL software packages, RIEGL has created powerful solutions for a variety of applications in surveying.

In terrestrial scanning, RIEGL has set the benchmark again with the new VZ-400i, the fastest end-to-end terrestrial laser scanning system on the market. It is the evolution of RIEGL’s well proven VZ-400 ultra-versatile 3D laser scanner, combining innovative new processing architecture, internet connectivity and a suite of MEMS sensors with RIEGL’s latest laser scanning engine technology.

In mobile scanning, RIEGL provides application-specific solutions – from single high-performance scanner engines to the high-end VMX mobile mapping system. The RIEGL VMZ Hybrid Mobile Mapping System, with a fully integrated IMU/GNSS unit, supports VZ-line terrestrial scanners for kinematic data acquisition.

In airborne scanning, RIEGL offers a wide range of laser scanner engines and systems for different applications – from power line inspection to wide-area/high-altitude mapping. RIEGL’s latest innovation in airborne mapping, the VP-1 Helipod equipped with the VUX-1LR Lidar sensor, is ideally suited for surveying missions from helicopters.

For unmanned scanning, RIEGL provides the VUX-1UAV survey-grade Lidar sensor, easily mountable to professional UAS, UAV, RPAS, etc., as well as the RiCOPTER, a high-performance X-8 array foldable octocopter, which is the first fully integrated Lidar system solution for professional UAS surveying missions from one manufacturer. With the new BathyCopter, RIEGL now additionally offers a small-UAV-based surveying system for hydrographic applications.

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