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About SBG Systems

SBG Systems is a leading supplier of inertial motion sensing solutions, from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems’ products are ideal solutions for surveying applications whether they are aerial, marine, or land based.

The company renewed its popular line of miniature Inertial Navigation System with high-end functionalities. The Ellipse-D 3rd Generation now embeds a dual-frequency and quad constellations GNSS for centimetric position and higher orientation accuracy. This lightweight dual-antenna RTK GNSS/INS brings high-end technology to the smallest factor, offering a cost-effective solution to surveyors.

SBG Systems’ in-house full-featured post-processing software Qinertia gives access to offline RTK corrections and processes inertial and GNSS raw data to enhance accuracy and secure the survey.

Qinertia has recently been upgraded to support third-party IMUs and all GNSS receivers and now covers all surveyors’ projects with its new GNSS license to post-process both static and kinematic GNSS data.

It now includes a brand new Virtual Base Stations (VBS) feature. The VBS consists in computing a virtual network around your project in which position accuracy is maximized, homogeneous, and robust as for PPK short baseline. Surveyors can collect data far from base stations or over large areas, making it ideal for corridor mapping.

SBG Systems also offers custom solutions to cover all surveying applications, like Quanta. It is a direct geo-referencing solution that delivers precise orientation and centimeter-level position data in real-time and post-processing.

With new features for UAV Photogrammetry, such as image geotagging and specific outputs, Qinertia can dramatically reduce the need of GCP and maximize ROI with an optimal workflow. Qinertia covers all surveying applications, now including UAV Photogrammetry!

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