• 7/F, No.39 South Geo-information Industrial Park, Si Cheng Road, Tian He IBD
    510663 Guangzhou


Every technology revolution contains the immense power of changing the world. South, the national brand of geo-information industry, has made a legend over the past 30 years, and presented a new picture of Mind-in-China. In the air, we capturing data of each part of the globe to digitize 3D spatial reconstruction; on the ground, we positioning each location with high precision to digitize our living environment; indoors, we striving for SLAM mobile mapping to bring you a new look; in the water, we collecting highly accurate data for environmental protection and ecological balance. We are changing the methodology of information exchange and data capture, and getting intelligence into daily life. We provide professional turnkey solutions for a variety of industries. We create bigger values with expertise and vision. We get survey much easier than before. We are trying to realize every incredible idea and make dreams come true. We are here, every step is a new advancement of GEO. We travel to different parts of the world with friends of different colors and different languages. And we create new stories. We are changing the history and creating new hopes. We are running… We are South Group. We are committed to world-class survey equipment manufacturer and geo-information solution provider. We are dedicated to geo-spatial information values.