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As a dedicated Chinese manufacturer, South Group, based at Guangzhou Geo-information Park, has evolved over the past 30 years into a dynamic force in the geoinformation industry, with an annual output capacity of 50,000 total stations and 45,000 GNSS receivers. The company enjoys a seamless sales network nationwide and hundreds of overseas distributor connections, which excels in terms of global sales turnover. Thanks to its keen pursuit of R&D excellence, service and customer satisfaction, South Group is a renowned player on the global stage. 

Based on the earlier success of survey equipment, especially in terms of total stations and GNSS, South Group is now switching its attention to more integrated solutions for the ever-evolving market to support its further growth as a major survey equipment manufacturer and geoinformation solutions provider. As the industry moves into the informatised mapping era featuring dynamic storage, big data and large-scale projects, the conventional ground measurement tools (e.g. total stations, GNSS receivers, etc.) require some new partners to supplement the daily needs and improve the work efficiency. Therefore, South is entering a new chapter of UAV aerial photogrammetry, 3D Lidar mobile laser scanning, machine control systems, automatic deformation monitoring systems, high-precision location-based services, GIS applications and so on. It’s time for the company to extend its business scope by delivering more and more products and solutions with a good cost-performance ratio worldwide. Interested parties should visit the website or send an email for more information. 



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