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Every technological revolution has the potential to change the world. South, a leading brand in the Chinese geoinformation industry, has established a strong reputation over the past 30 years and helped to redefine the term ‘Made in China’. In the air, we capture data about every corner of the globe to digitize 3D spatial reconstruction; on the ground, we position each location with high precision to digitize the living environment; indoors, we are developing SLAM mobile mapping to offer new perspectives; in the water, we collect highly accurate data for environmental protection and ecological balance. We are innovating information exchange and data capture methodologies, and bringing intelligence into daily life. We provide professional turnkey solutions for a variety of industries. We add greater value with our expertise and vision. We make surveying much easier than before. We are striving to turn incredible ideas into reality and make dreams come true. We have partners with different backgrounds, cultures and languages all over the world. And we create new success stories with them. We are changing history and creating new hopes. We are committed to being a world-class survey equipment manufacturer and geoinformation solution provider. We are dedicated to geospatial information values. We are South Group.

Learn More About The POSEIDON SU30

Poseidon SU30 USV is a new generation of high intelligent USV. The modular design brings enormous convenience for both end-users and manufacturers. Small physical makes hydrographic surveys go everywhere. Fields of Surveying and Mapping, Hydrogeology and Water Management can be easily covered. In addition, SU30 can be customized according to the user’s requirements.


South Poseidon SU30


Learn More About The POSEIDON SU30


● 2”/5” accuracy option, ±(2mm+2x10-6·D) with reflector ● Improved EDM System ● Better Angle Measurement ● Reasonable Industrial Design ● Exquisite Users Ex...

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NL Z32

The SOUTH NL Z32 comes with a standard 1km deviation, 0.5mm with a micrometre. It has a worldwide-proven magnetic damping compensator and an Ultra clear lens fo...

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During the Multiple constellation age, SOUTH keep developing and optimizing the innovative products for customers, SOUTH Galaxy G6 RTK system adopts intelligent...

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Galaxy G1

The new G1 has more options for GNSS board selection, and all of them own the ability to track most signals from all kinds of running satellite constellations....

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SkyCruiser FLYme

FLYme is specifically made for professional aerial mapping. Precise aerial positioning & waypoint navigation; ultrahigh resolution 42 mpx imaging sensor Prec...

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