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18 Tong Yuan Road
215006 Suzhou
+86 512 65224904
+86 512 65230619
About FOIF

Founded in the beautiful city of Suzhou in 1958, over the past 60 years FOIF has evolved into a high-tech company with multiple solutions from the earlier optical field. During these years, FOIF has constantly promoted technical reform while maintaining its competitive ability. In 2017 FOIF became one of the top 50 enterprises in China’s geomatics industry.

Advanced equipment guarantees good products, and high-quality products ensure FOIF’s good reputation. Every production detail draws not only on the FOIF staff’s professional technology expertise but also on the company’s focus on precise manufacturing, which enables the company’s continuous development.

FOIF is capable of complete R&D and manufacturing for total stations. Starting from the combination of theodolite and diastimeter, evolving into the total station with reflectorless distance measuring, upgrading to current high-precision robotic total station, FOIF always insists on precise manufacturing and makes quality its priority. As a result, the company has become the manufacturing base for numerous brands at home and abroad.

Since 1999, FOIF’s GNSS products have been upgraded from original single-star, single-frequency static receivers to the current multi-constellation RTK products supporting GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo, and have evolved from complex separate connection equipment into all-in-one A30 receivers, high-integration smart A60 or A90 receivers and high-end A100 or A200 CORS stations. Persistent technical innovation has always kept the company at the forefront of the geomatics field.

FOIF supplies convenient and advanced surveying equipment to facilitate ever-more precise and accurate surveying achievements. FOIF aims to reach deep into the industry of precision measuring instrument, make more brilliant and remarkable achievements, and build an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing base with good prospects.

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