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Teledyne Optech
300 Interchange Way
L4K 5Z8 Vaughan
+1 905 6600 808
Teledyne Optech
About Teledyne Optech

With over 40 years of experience, Teledyne Optech is dedicated to developing and refining advanced Lidar survey instruments. Teledyne Optech strives to democratise Lidar with fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions for airborne mapping, airborne Lidar bathymetry, mobile mapping and terrestrial laser scanning. And now Teledyne Optech also has access to the deep remote-sensing expertise of the entire Teledyne Technologies family.

Teledyne Optech’s airborne Lidar systems are complete sensing solutions with integrated cameras and an end-to-end LMS workflow for Lidar/camera processing and third-party output. Requiring no operator, the highly automated Optech Eclipse reduces capital and operating costs, while the 1Mhz Optech Galaxy T1000 uses SwathTRAK technology to survey variable-elevation terrain economically. Finally, the multispectral Optech Titan improves target identification and enables simultaneous topo/bathy collection.

For surveying the crucial near-shore marine environment, the CZMIL Nova airborne Lidar bathymeter maps water depths even in turbid conditions, and fuses Lidar, RGB and hyperspectral data into unprecedented deliverables. The CZMIL is already in use by multiple government agencies, and smaller groups can now deploy it via the CZMIL project programme.

The Lynx family of mobile survey solutions uses its industry-leading scanner speed to deliver usable point spacing, even at highway speeds, and leverages the same automated LMS workflow used for airborne operations. Meanwhile, the Optech Maverick is so light that users can wear it on a backpack, opening up new applications for mobile Lidar.

The Optech Polaris terrestrial laser scanner makes high-quality Lidar surveying affordable for the average surveyor, with a user-friendly workflow and long-range performance at an unprecedented price.

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