FIG Regional Conference 2024

Climate Responsive Land Governance and Disaster Resilience: Safeguarding Land Rights


The main objective of the event is to build knowledge and capacity in the Asian region to address climate change and disaster-induced challenges in safeguarding land rights of vulnerable communities, emphasizing the critical role of land governance and resilience.

The conference is intended to be a call to action and provide concrete strategies and actionable recommendations for the region to ensure that participants will leave with practical insights, tools, and actions plans to effectively address and implement climate and disaster actions.

The second objective is to foster collaborative partnerships among national and regional institutions, academics, and professionals from various organisations, including NGOs and private sector, to facilitate multistakeholder dialogues, knowledge sharing and technology transfer at the regional level.

NICS and FIG aim to promote the important role of surveying professions and surveyors in translating sustainable development goals into action and enhancing community resilience to climate change.

The overall theme is

Climate Responsive Land Governance  and Disaster Resilience: Safeguarding Land Rights

Uncovering regional land agenda topics:

  1. Climate Responsive Land Governance
  2. Natural disaster resilience for communities, professionals and organizations
  3. Cooperation and partnerships to safeguard land rights
  4. Capacity Development for communities, professionals and organisations