Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Create Global HD Vector Maps

Combining up to date VHR satellite imagery with the most advanced artificial intelligence


Ecopia Global Feature Extraction (GFX) Powered by European Space Imaging is a unique partnership that utilises the freshest, highest quality satellite imagery along with the most advanced artificial intelligence from Ecopia.AI (Ecopia) to offer accurate geospatial feature extraction at continent-wide scale. It takes away the challenge of obtaining up to date VHR imagery and manually creating polygons by hand – both of which are labour intensive and can be quite costly. With 13 core features eligible for extraction, users receive comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate land cover maps with zero in-house GIS work and with automation-level speed and efficiency.

In this GEOSeries episode, Ecopia and European Space Imaging will discuss the many benefits of GFX and the solutions it provides. From land-cover capabilities for maintaining smart city digital twins, impervious surface mapping for water drainage assessment, detecting and analysing urban sprawl and flood risk modelling, and the software’s newest application – solar panel identification to aid tax rebates and provide accurate assessments for insurance purposes. Highlighting real use cases to demonstrate the power of these datasets, we will dive deeper into the software and how both government and commercial customers can benefit from this advanced product.

Episode 3: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Create Global HD Vector Maps

GEOSeries by European Space Imaging

GEOSeries is a virtual event program created by European Space Imaging to explore topics related to remote sensing and Earth Observation. It brings together professionals from all aspects of the geospatial industry as well as those working within the vertical applications. The aim of the program is not only educate and inspire the industry, but to also spread the word of how satellite imagery and other geospatial products are being used to make the world a better place.

 Join European Space Imaging in a thought provoking discussion with panel members Josh Lyons, Human Rights Watch, Wendi Pedersen, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) and Wim Zwijnenburg, PAX for Peace covering all aspects of how satellite imagery saves lives in conflict zones

GEOSeries Episode 2 Replay

Watch Episode 2 of GEOSeries! In the second episode, European Space Imaging hosted The Humans Rights Watch, GICHD and PAX for Peace to discuss how imagery can help to save lives of those in conflict areas. Topics such as landmine disarmament, pollution, refugee displacement and more were covered. If you missed it, watch it now.

Watch Episode 1 of GEOSeries

GEOSeries Episode 1 Replay

Watch Episode 1 of GEOSeries. In the launch episode, European Space Imaging and Satellogic discussed the capacities of the NuSat satellites from Satellogic's Aleph-1 constellation including their global coverage, rapid revisits and how they can complement 30 cm satellite imagery.