The 3D scanning experience of Topcon Positioning Asia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.


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TOPCON GLS-2200 TLS combined with GEXCEL HERON portable mapping system for sea caves 3D surveying... Curious to know more? Join Gexcel's webinar.

Our partner Topcon Positioning Asia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. will share its experience, explaining the strengths and limitations of this application and showing the benefits of combining these lidar technologies.

Understanding when a specific technology proves its best performance is the first step toward a successful result, especially in challenging applications such as caves. In these kinds of fields, besides naturally challenging conditions that sensitively limit the use of some instruments (narrow passages, high humidity levels, and dust), we also face disparate goals to achieve: naturalistic documentation and mapping, geometrical details, digital twin and immersive tours for touristic promotion, and that.

That's why the integration of smart lidar technologies makes such a kind of complex surveying possible.

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