13th International Navigation Forum 2019 – The Art of Navigation in a Digital World - 14/03/2019

The 13th International Navigation Forum will open its doors to recognized world-class experts in the field of navigation technologies at Expocentre Fairgrounds in Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, Russia, from 23-24 April 2019. The event will be held in conjunction with the NAVITECH Exhibition as part of the Russian Week of High Technologies. Up to 1,000 delegates from 500 companies throughout the world are expected to attend.

With the emergence of new challenges, new demands for navigation service users, and the growing demand on digital technologies for connected and unmanned transport among mass consumers, navigation has become more than just a set of routine operations and functions for specific industries.

Navigation Has Become Art

That is the context in which the 13th International Navigation Forum will be held, where each participant is a creator, and his/her product or solution is a masterpiece.

For the first time, the navigation technologies market will address the directions of Aeronet and Marinet National Technology Initiatives, informing the audience about the latest developments in the air and on the water. The Plenary Session will bring together industry leaders, government authorities, world-class businessmen and experts.

Topics of the event include: New business models, navigation and digital technologies in the logistics of people and things, ERA-GLONASS, industry digital transformation, development of smart cities and intelligent transport systems, connected mobility, digital platforms and Big Data, navigation solutions for IoT (Internet of Things), use of drones and unmanned systems, insurance telematics, geoinformation systems, geodesy and cartography, high-accuracy positioning, protected mobility, cybersecurity and blockchain – these and many others will be actively discussed by industry professionals.

NAVITECH is the only specialized exhibition in Russia which unites leading Russian and foreign developers and manufacturers of navigation hardware, services and software, including mapping apps, to reflect current world trends and identify a path for developing national information resources for industry professionals.

Last updated: 20/03/2019