3D GPS and PND in Recreational Market - 14/08/2007

Intermap Technologies Corp. (CO, USA) has launched AccuTerra that provides existing outdoor GPS and PND products with 3D maps and off-road POI - integrated with interactive 3D rendering software. The product addresses a market that is currently limited to two-dimensional data and provides limited or no map coverage once you leave paved roads.

AccuTerra's 3D aerial maps and digital terrain model content, with overlaid route tracking information, is unique in today's outdoor hand-held device market. 


The AccuTerra map content is developed from the company's NEXTMap countrywide 3D digital mapping program and includes the aggregation of data from other sources. AccuTerra enables PND features that can alert individuals when they deviate from a pre-selected route or miss a turn when traveling under poor visibility.


The user interface includes realistic 3D views; accurate elevation information; clearly identified and classified trails, paths, and roads (overlaid on the 3D terrain); outdoor-specific points of interest such as campgrounds, service facilities, and trail heads; the ability to route to points of interest and track progress; easy to reference visualization tools to improve trip planning and safety; and, a land use display that depicts the location of public and private property, including areas of restricted use.


The current version of AccuTerra has already been integrated to run on several PNDs available in the market today. The Company has no plans to build a PND or GPS device; rather it will offer AccuTerra under license to manufacturers of these devices. The geospatial map database embedded within AccuTerra software is available for the entire state of California today and will be commercially available for the remainder of the U.S. later this year.

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