3D Scan Data Pioneer Scaled Robotics Secures €2m Seed Investment

3D Scan Data Pioneer Scaled Robotics Secures €2m Seed Investment

Norwegian Construct Venture and German PropTech Fund Surplus Invest have jointly invested in the promising deep-tech company Scaled Robotics. The start-up has developed a robot that builds detailed 3D maps of construction sites using its multimodal sensor suite, and software that can accurately compare this data to the digital plans defined in the building information modelling (BIM) models

Scaled Robotics’ solution allows detection of errors and deviations, which enables construction companies to identify potential sources of construction delays early in the process and put countermeasures in place. This results in massively reduced construction times and significant cost savings. Scaled Robotics has developed a product that can help significantly increase the quality and efficiency of construction projects. 

The advanced technology, the positive customer feedback and highly competent founders in Stuart Maggs and Bharath Sankaran convinced Construct Venture and Surplus. They now join PERI, the world's largest producers of formwork and scaffolding systems which has backed Scaled Robotics in a pre-seed round, as investors in the company.  

Point cloud data, captured by the Scaled Robotics robot.

Efficiency in collecting and compiling data

"Scaled Robotics increases the efficiency of collecting and compiling data, freeing up time that could potentially have been spent on work due to errors that need to be corrected or redone. The investment is Construct Venture's fourth so far, and the first one made in a foreign company," says Jan Fossgård, managing director at Construct Venture.

Jannis Roser, managing partner of Surplus Invest stated: "Scaled Robotics is an outstanding deep tech company driven by passion and expertise. We are fully convinced that the team around Stuart Maggs and Bharath Sankaran will disrupt the construction sector with its solution." 

With this opinion Construct Venture and Surplus Invest are not alone. Only 6 weeks ago Scaled Robotics was able to convince a jury of international investors and start-up experts at the Disrupt Berlin winning the 1st place in the start-up Battlefield competing against 14 other outstanding start-ups.  

Combining robotics and artificial intelligence

Stuart Maggs, CEO and co-founder of Scaled Robotics: “The tools being developed by Scaled Robotics not only provide a detailed analysis of the state of a construction project but also provide a centralized repository for all information relating to project quality and progress. We envision that our products will allow this global 13 trillion-dollar industry, manage risk and uncertainty in ways that were previously impossible. We are very pleased to have Surplus Invest and Construct Venture on the team, both investors who share our vision of changing the industry through a combination of robotics and artificial intelligence.” 

About Scaled Robotics

The company Scaled Robotics develops software and hardware that capture, process, interpret and compile 3D scan data collected from buildings under construction. By matching the 3D scans against the pre-defined construction plans in the BIM models, Scaled Robotics identifies deviations and errors which allows for the quick resolution of these problems. Using highly precise and automated scanning devices as well as state of the art AI algorithms, Scaled Robotics is bringing construction site management and quality control into the digital age. 

Scaled Robotics' mapping robot solution deployed onsite.
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