3D Target Launches New Version of Lidar Point Cloud Software - 04/02/2020

3D Target has announced the release of its SmartProcessing Lidar 1.2 software solution. SmartProcessing Lidar, fully developed by 3D Target, enables the production of high-quality georeferenced point clouds from the dataset surveyed with the popular Scanfly Lidar payload.

Version features various brand new tools and several improvements. Among other minor bug fixes, the version introduces a Lidar boresight calibration tool, quality reports generation, faster colourization of the point-clouds and Pix4D 4.5 export.

“With the new features included in the SPL 1.2, our customers can calibrate their systems by themselves!”, said Paolo Girardi, 3D Target’s CEO. “To the RGB camera calibration tool already available with v1.1, we added a semi-automatic tool to calibrate the boresight angles for the Lidar head. The implemented solution gives the best result in just a few minutes. The customer can check and evaluate the result, before accepting the new calibration”, continued Girardi.

The quality report allows extracting the parameters to assess the quality of the trajectory estimation for each survey. 3D target customers can now produce detailed reports about the quality of their surveys directly from SPL.

Last updated: 28/01/2021