Accuracy Analyst Software - 21/07/2009

Accuracy Analyst, a software solution to determine locational accuracy of the image data used to produce maps, is available. The staff can be productively using the software after 30 minutes of training, saving 80% of the time needed for traditional accuracy assessment.



Karen Schuckman, an instructor in geography at Penn State, says, Accuracy Analyst performs a function in the production and validation of georeferenced imagery. It is extremely easy to learn to use, and presents all the statistical information required by the photogrammetric professional with effective graphics and informative reports.


With Accuracy Analyst, data providers will differentiate their products, benefiting of rapid data assurance, customer acceptance of data, and payment for delivered image data products exceeding customer requirements and product specifications. Data providers and customers alike will appreciate the use of Accuracy Analyst to assure and communicate the quality of new map photo data and the ability to distinguish the quality of new data from old products so that maps may be updated using new images without uncertainty or delays.


Dr. Chuck OHara, President of SIS, will demonstrate Accuracy Analyst at the next meeting of the Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS) on Wednesday 22nd July. The meeting will be held in the MARIS Conference Room 706 from 10:00 a.m. till noon.



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