Acute3D Signs Partnership with Geoinformica - 14/10/2014

Acute3D has signed a partnership with Geoinformica, a Russian private company working in the GIS market. Geoinformica is currently the official distributor of 1-Spatial, Safe software and SpacEyes3D in Russia. Thanks to this partnership, Acute3D will be able to expand the presence of its Smart3DCapture technology throughout Russia, CIS and other former USSR countries, and Geoinformica will now be able to respond to the increasing demand of its customers for an automatic 3D modelling solution.

Geoinformica is a Russian company focusing on products and technologies for spatial data. The company offers innovative GIS and 3D products for data processing, interpolation and visualisation to solve clients' business tasks. Geoinformica also provides its clients with software licences, software maintenance, consultation and training, and project development. Its customers are involved in designing oil and gas supply, mass-media technologies, logistics, GIS and data processing, and infrastructure management.

Geoinformica will be presenting Acute3D products for the first time during the GEOMAP exhibition taking place on October 14-16 in Moscow, Russia.

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