Advancing BIM Software Interoperability in China - 08/08/2012

CABR Technology (CABRTech), China, and Bentley Systems, USA, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) establishing a long-term partnership to advance building information modelling (BIM) software interoperability in China. As a first step, CABRTech will facilitate data exchange between its PKPM structural design products and Bentley software.

This initiative will provide increased information mobility among the users of PKPM software and all Bentley Integrated Structural Modelling (ISM)-enabled products, including AECOsim Building Designer, streamlining BIM workflows and resulting in increased productivity and enhanced project quality.

Under the MOU, CABRTech and Bentley also will initiate an in-depth study and collaboration to research the development of BIM software that addresses the needs of China’s engineering and construction industry, including a product portfolio spanning the infrastructure lifecycle, from design and energy consumption analysis to construction and operations; explore the feasibility of cooperation in the field of application research and software development, including directed and syndicated development projects; consider cooperation in other fields, including the development of joint software training, marketing programmes, and other activities that will be of benefit to both CABRTech and Bentley.

Last updated: 20/01/2021