Aerial Mapping for Malaga - 18/01/2011

Blom has signed an agreement with the County Council of Malaga (Diputación de Malaga), Spain, to deliver aerial products and services covering the full range of the customer value chain. Blom is to deliver a broad range of products and services, including oblique aerial imagery, urban vector maps, 3D models, laser scanning services and access to BlomURBEX, covering all the geographic areas as managed by the customer. The project will begin immediately and is expected to last over the next two years.



The delivered data will among other be used for updating land information, development of roads and infrastructure and collecting taxes based on the information about non declared real estate changes in the province of Malaga, through automatic processes.


Blom will capture aerial data covering the whole Malaga Province, including specific data capture of the towns with less than 20,000 inhabitants (89 cities) and several km of roads managed by the County Council of Malaga.


This is the first project of this kind in Spain, where Blom has been able to deliver value added products and services within the full customer value chain to the one and same customer.



Last updated: 27/02/2018