Aerial Surveyor Chronicle - 25/01/2010

Which photogrammetrist have you ever heard of who has attempted to chronicle his unplanned life? In the book Journey without Destination by Karl E. Kleinn, the reader finds stories of just such a life. Some will recognise the events and circumstances of some of the stories, and some might even remember the author as he traveled across America first on behalf of Carl Zeiss, then Kern Instruments, then Matra Technology (remember the Traster analytical stereo plotter) and finally OMICA (OMI Corporation of America).

Some surveyors or their predecessors might remember the OMI demo van with an analytical stereo plotter in the back. Others might remember Kleinn for some of my software products under PafMap Consulting (CONVERT, MAPTRAN, AutoNGS, etc.). Karl Kleinn aims to bring the highly specialised world of photogrammetry into the awareness of the general public.

The publication is available at the publisher's online bookstore; ISBN: 978-1-60813-206-5. From 11th February 2010 the book will also be available at other online sources and in bookstores.

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