ALTA Photogrammetry Suite (APS) Version 7.1 - 12/06/2008

Groupe Alta (Canada) is pleased to announce the release of version 7.1 of its professional Alta Photogrammetry Suite (APS). This software has been re-branded from its formally known DVP-GS since version 7.0.

This updated version offers new and improved functionality that increases productivity.  Key features in this update include:

-   On-the-fly contour and TIN using features within the view;

-   Export to .asp (an XML based orientation file format) for compatibility with our ALTAVU free desktop viewer;

-   Enhancement of multiple filter applications including better control for color balancing and other filters in Orthomosaics;

-   Modifications for 2D snapping;

-   Viewing of relatively orientated stereo models (does not require absolute orientation before using);

-   More functions incorporated to our JavaScript macro programming engine and keyboard custom keys.


APS can function in a stand-alone mode, but also continues to include plugins for MicroStation (SE, J, 8), ArcGIS (9.2), and for AutoCAD (2000-2007). Due to Groupe Alta's evolving R&D efforts, please take note that the Version 7.2 update will be available in October that will include new features and enhancements. Users with current maintenance contracts will automatically receive this update.


Last updated: 27/02/2018