Altran and Luciad Power Dassault Aviation’s New Mission Preparation System - 13/07/2017

In search of an innovative technological solution that would be precise, comprehensive and tailored to its needs, Dassault Aviation has chosen to work with Altran and Luciad in order to design its Mission Preparation System, known as OPERA, for its RAFALE and Mirage 2000 fighter jets.

The relevance and accuracy of geographic information is a key component for mission success. OPERA is a user-friendly system, dedicated to the preparation of training simulations and combat missions. The system first makes it possible to prepare a mission by supplying pilots with all necessary information (aerial photographs, satellite coverage of terrain, aeronautical charts, 2D/3D topography, targets, ally and enemy troops, along with other tactical and geographic data). OPERA then allows pilots to rehearse the mission in order to validate tactical choices. Once this stage is completed, the system converts the data to a dedicated format for uploading to mission calculators. In addition to its outstanding software performance, the system supplied by Altran and Luciad provides a functional and intuitive user interface.

Visual geospatial analysis tool

The visual geospatial analysis tool, ‘LuciadLightspeed’ takes into account every one of the data formats Furthermore, this product offers 2D, 3D and 4D capabilities. Its performance, precision, and handling of data in real-time are features that Dassault Aviation found compelling. Its intuitive user interface made it possible to quickly deploy it among the development teams with the expertise of Altran’s aeronautics consultants, explained Salvador Lopez, head of OPERA program at Dassault Aviation.

The complementarity between Altran and Luciad was a determining factor in this project. By offering Dassault Aviation a product with great added value that was tailored to their environment and needs, the companies were able to stand out together, added Fabrice Mariaud, director of program management & innovation, Altran France.

Luciad is now partners with Altran. Together, they are able to tackle the client’s most crucial projects, which require both a tool at the cutting-edge of technology that is tailored to their needs, while simultaneously managing its integration and adaptation within their existing software ecosystem, concluded Jérôme Lutz, director of Luciad France.

Last updated: 27/02/2018