ANAFI USA Drone Now Compatible with Pix4D Software Suite - 28/10/2020

The latest-generation ANAFI USA drone is now compatible with the Pix4D software suite, according to an announcement by Parrot, one of the leading European drone groups, and Pix4D, a leading professional photogrammetry and drone mapping software company.

In recent years, Parrot has been expanding its mature software ecosystem, thanks to its industry-leading complete Software Development Kit, which facilitates the implementation of the best tailored and end-to-end solutions by professionals from all around the world - from public safety and search and rescue, to defence and inspection fields.

As an active member of the Parrot Group, Pix4D has been working hand in hand with Parrot to create and innovate these solutions, and today offers ANAFI USA’s professional users a large scope of versatile technologies.

Simplifying workflows

“Parrot Group is the only true end-to-end player in the industry, which has been engineering and designing tailored solutions for years, from equipment to services and software, to meet the most demanding needs of professionals,” said Henri Seydoux, Founder and CEO of Parrot.

“Working with a member of the group such as Pix4D is always an honour, as we are able to fully leverage the exceptional capabilities and potential of our drones with the best software solutions for each use case. Together we are designing the future of professional drone use.”

“Following Pix4D’s strategy of focusing on creating value for professional users, the compatibility between Parrot’s ANAFI USA and Pix4D’s product portfolio aims to simplify workflows for professional users of drones in surveying, construction and emergency response applications,” stated Christoph Strecha, founder and CEO of Pix4D

The full list of Pix4D software compatible with ANAFI USA can be found here.

Last updated: 24/11/2020