Asset Management with Microdrones - 02/04/2012

One of the latest UAVs is the Microdrone, developed by German company microdrones GmbH. It has been used for a variety of monitoring and surveillance applications, as well as for aerial photogrammetry and infrastructure inventories. It is a mature product and has already been sold to users all over the world.

Essentially, the Microdrone is a miniature helicopter with four small, independent rotors. These rotors are computer controlled by small electric motors. Tilts of the rotor blades and heads allow the Microdrone to move in the air in any direction you desire.

The Microdrone claims to be stable, which means it can capture high-quality images and videos without expensive stabilisation lenses. Remote controls allow new users to fly the drone in less than one hour. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, it can move very slowly and even hover over a spot. The navigator can easily move the drone in any direction at any time.

It can carry loads up to 1.2kg or almost 3lbs. The motors are very quiet and efficient. Drones have recorded flight times of more than 70 minutes.

Last updated: 04/09/2020