Australia Outback Guidance Network Expanding - 02/03/2010

Outback Guidance by Hemisphere GPS is expanding its sales network throughout Australia by implementing the US model that helped Outback Guidance develop itself into one of North America's largest aftermarket suppliers of GPS guidance systems for agriculture. This will allow Australian growers to purchase Outback Guidance's all new eDriveX and A220/A221centimetre-level automated steering system, along with the full line of other Outback products, before the 2010 planting season.

Hemisphere GPS plans to increase its presence in Australia's sophisticated precision agriculture market by implementing a two-tier marketing approach. First, Hemisphere GPS will build on its existing business relationships, which it acquired through the purchase of BEELINE Technologies in 2007, to establish a bricks and mortar dealer network for direct sale and product support of its proven Outback Guidance systems. The company is expanding its team in Australia and will continue to expand its customer service relationships throughout 2010. Second, Hemisphere GPS will ship its products directly to its Australian customers. The Brisbane-based team, who pioneered the hands-free agriculture machine guidance market, will continue to expand on its decade of experience in building quality products specific to Australian farmers needs and market conditions.

"This powerful sales network modeled after the successful US network will be valuable for our team in Brisbane to effectively increase Outback Guidance sales in Australia," says Paul Turner, GM of Australian Operations. "Our Outback Guidance systems are already popular in the Australian agriculture market and we are excited by our ability to move product faster, service the customer more effectively and broaden our market share."

Hemisphere GPS is currently taking on new Outback Guidance Center Dealers in Australia and plans to launch its eCommerce website in autumn 2010. The website below provides more information on Outback Guidance products, or to become an Outback Guidance Centre. The complete line of products also is presented at the Wagin Woolorama Sheep Show, 5th and 6th March 2010.

Last updated: 30/09/2020