AutoCAD Point Cloud Plug-In - 16/01/2009

Point clouds are increasingly beginning to prove their worth in the construction industry, but the ability to work with point clouds within AutoCAD has been limited. Pointools Model makes it possible to work with up to a billion scan points within AutoCAD.


Existing architectural or engineering structures captured by laser scanning can now be visualised at full density within AutoCAD. The plug-in will display points in the viewport, allow snapping to points and fast viewing in section.


You can quickly drill down to subsets of data using selection tools and the range of shading options delivers extra clarity to scan data that otherwise can be difficult to interpret. Pointools Model follows on from the success of the Pointools plug in for Rhino modeling software launched last year and combined with Pointools View for animations and images provides an excellent solution for all users of Pointcloud Data.



Last updated: 27/02/2018