Automated Map Publishing Solution - 11/03/2010

Intergraph has introduced an enhanced geospatial solution to enable the efficient production of high-quality map products by US state departments of transportation (DOTs) and military and national mapping agencies around the world. Organisations rely on Intergraph GeoMedia Map Publisher for enhanced cartographic capabilities and high levels of map production automation to produce series and ad-hoc hard copy maps.


The latest version of the product includes significant enhancements to dramatically streamline map collaboration and creation and boost quality assurance, including features that allow multiple users to collaborate on the same map products.

GeoMedia Map Publisher provides high levels of automation, such as style conflict detection and automatic feature displacement, which reduces map production timelines while maintaining cartographic quality.

The product also manages cartographic data separately from the source data, which is important in enterprise environments in which the source may be owned by other departments and could be read-only to the cartographic group. With GeoMedia Map Publisher, there is now no need to copy and manage multiple versions of the source data for map production. Instead, the source data are linked with the cartographic data so that when changes are made to the source data, GeoMedia Map Publisher automatically determines which cartographic data changes need to be made to publish new editions of the mapping products, creating a much simpler, more streamlined revision workflow.

Last updated: 26/09/2020