BAAM.Tech Named North American Distributor for Terrasolid

BAAM.Tech Named North American Distributor for Terrasolid

BAAM.Tech has reached an agreement with Terrasolid, Helsinki, Finland, to become its North American software distributor and technical support partner. BAAM.Tech is an affiliate of GBA Companies with headquarters in Kansas, USA.

From 1 January 2023 onwards, BAAM.Tech has assumed sales, licence renewals and technical support services for the entire line of Terrasolid software products for North America. Regarded as the industry-standard software solution for commercial Lidar service providers, Terrasolid’s product offering consists of five main products: TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraPhoto, TerraMatch, and TerraStereo. Integrated with Bentley Systems’ software, Terrasolid applications can be bundled together to support an entire (point cloud + imagery) data processing workflow within one environment – from data calibration and matching, to point cloud classification, image processing and delivery product creation.

Towards Better Point Cloud End Products

Regarding the future of this partnership, Arttu Soininen, head of software development at Terrasolid, remarked: “We are excited to form this new partnership to strengthen our presence in North America at a time when the point cloud industry is growing strongly. Our common goal is to serve all North American professionals in the point cloud field and help them produce better point cloud end products. We are confident that BAAM.Tech's strong experience in the field helps us to reach this goal.”

Both companies regard the partnership as a natural fit, as both Terrasolid and BAAM.Tech are committed to providing advanced technology and exceptional customer support. Terrasolid's geospatial software solutions are used by government agencies, engineering firms, and other organizations to collect, manage, and analyze spatial data. BAAM.Tech currently offers hardware, software, and professional training for organizations looking to leverage mapping tools to solve their challenges.

As Ben Lindner, president of BAAM.Tech, summarized: “We’re thrilled to reach this agreement with Terrasolid, as it positions us with leaders in the geospatial industry. Going forward, our investments in the expansion of our technical support and training capabilities will be a valuable resource to Terrasolid’s customers. We are committed to providing our customers with education and resources to provide the greatest value to their workflow and organizations.”

TerraScan is the main application in the Terrasolid software family for managing and processing all types of point clouds. (Courtesy: Terrasolid)
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