Benin Land Administration Modernization Project in Full Swing

Benin Land Administration Modernization Project in Full Swing

Benin is a stable, French-speaking country in Western Africa. Despite a new modern national law on land administration, the progress of registered parcels is slow. Financed by the Dutch embassy in Benin, MDF Consultancy together with VNG International and Kadaster are executing a project to set up the infrastructure for efficient and affordable land administration.

Next to the formal land titles, an option is created to register presumed ownership. The procedure for this is lighter (Fit-for-Purpose), while such registrations do offer a sufficient level of legal security.

Field data collection process

The project for the modernization of the Benin land administration (PMAF) reached a milestone in September 2021. Land administration data of 12 rural villages were published for a 30-day period of inspection by the right holders.

These are the first results of a large field data collection process and of the development of an Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) based land administration system. Both are being performed by local companies with support of Dutch and Beninese experts.

After the public inspection and, when needed, correction of the data, the right holders will be registered in the national cadastre. And this is only the beginning. The PMAF project will realize the registration of up to 200,000 parcels, while the approach and the technical tools are made ready for the registration of all estimated 7 million parcels in Benin.

Read more about the Benin project here.

The Fit-for-Purpose approach offers a viable, practical solution to quickly and affordably provide security of tenure for all and to enable control of the use of all land. (Image courtesy: MDF Consultancy)

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