Bentley Acquires gINT Software - 19/10/2009

Bentley Systems has acquired gINT Software. Its newest product, gINT Enterprise, maximises the value of centrally managed sub-surface data through multi-project reporting and extended querying power. gINT Enterprise facilitates the reuse of subsurface mapping information for transportation operations, engineering consultancies, plants, campuses, and state and federal agencies with vast quantities of geotechnical data.




"This extension of our portfolio into the geotechnical and geoenvironmental arena came about through a shared vision between Bentley and gINT. We both recognise and embrace the tremendous opportunities for value creation that can be realized through enhanced interoperability and increased data reuse within information modeling, now to include the subsurface mapping that is a vital aspect for every infrastructure project," said CEO Greg Bentley. "‘Intra-operating' software from Bentley will introduce information modeling that extends to conditions below the ground. And Bentley's new i-model ‘currency of exchange,' for change-managed deliverables, will facilitate the full integration of geotechnical specialists' project contributions. Infrastructure project quality will benefit from finally incorporating geotechnical workflows within information modeling. 


With the phased rollout of gINT Enterprise, infrastructure professionals can expect to:

  • Report on and query subsurface data from an unlimited number of projects,

  • Standardise how an organization's data is entered, imported, stored, and reported,

  • Share data with related software programs including CAD, GIS, contouring, and modeling applications, and more,

  • Visualise gINT data using the software's extension for ArcGIS.


Users of gINT software number in the thousands and range from one-person firms to corporate engineering organisations.


Last updated: 28/02/2020