Bentley Acquires InspectTech - 16/05/2012

Bentley Systems, USA, has acquired InspectTech Systems, USA, a Pittsburgh-based provider of field inspection applications and asset management services for bridges and other transportation assets. The InspectTech software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution helps asset owners streamline the process of planning inspections, collecting and managing inspection data, and complying with government reporting requirements.

Benefits include a disciplined and systematic process, automated compliance reporting, reduced cost of inspections, and the ability to make better, more-informed decisions, leading to increased transportation safety. Bentley’s goal is to exploit the full potential of new capabilities for information mobility to enhance asset management by integrating information modelling with inspection processes.

Among current InspectTech users are federal and state departments of transportation, major transit agencies, toll authorities, counties, cities, and national and local consultants across the United States, as well as a major roadway authority in Australia.

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley expected that Bentley and InspecyTech will together be able to associate observed conditions and designed conditions through 3D as-built models – now readily available through point-cloud scans, managed and streamed through ProjectWise Point-cloud Services by way of hypermodels – linking surveyed and digital assets. By incorporating InspectTech services within Bentley’s AssetWise platform, bridge and other transportation owners can be served with Bentley’s bridge information modelling (BrIM) benefits including, for example, Exor linear referencing and incident management, and SUPERLOAD permitting. In addition, through InspectTech’s ongoing role in developing for AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials) its PONTIS BRIDGEWare software, a more direct cooperation with the departments of transportation to meet their bridge planning priorities is possible.

Last updated: 27/02/2018