Bentley Appoints Infrastructure Ambassadors - 21/09/2010

Bentley Systems has launched the Bentley Infrastructure Ambassadors Council. The newly appointed ambassadors will engage the global communities of practitioners, constituents, and organisations interested in the challenges of and opportunities resulting from sustaining infrastructure. The ambassadors appointed by Bentley include Norbert Young, former leader of McGraw-Hill Construction; Jim Porter, former chief engineer and vice president of engineering and operations, DuPont; and Patrick McCrory, former mayor of Charlotte, N.C. Mr. Young will chair the council.

Later this month, the ambassadors will introduce a series of presentations, through Bentley's Be Connected online seminar series, on a broad range of topics crucial for achieving sustainable infrastructure, including interoperability, prefabrication, safety, resilient operations, and nurturing a shared holistic vision across business professionals, engineers, infrastructure owner-operators, and the public.

Among the messages the ambassadors will convey throughout public and private audiences are:
•infrastructure is the fundamental driver for sustainable economic growth - locally, regionally, and globally;
•addressing the world's enormous and valuable infrastructure needs
•will create significant growth opportunities for the design and
•construction industries;
•understanding and meeting the technology needs of architects, engineers, constructors, and owner-operators leads to continuous improvement in operational performance, safety, and sustainability;
•transitioning to intelligent, higher-performing infrastructure - by applying information modelling, data interoperability across all applications, and integrated project collaboration - is now the primary enabler of more effective infrastructure investment yielding long-term returns.

Norbert Young is managing director of Duck Cove Associates, LLC, a Maine-based consulting company providing strategic planning, business development, and business transformation services. Young, who has 40 years of experience in the U.S. and global design and construction industries, was president of McGraw-Hill Construction from 1999 until 2009, during which time he also helped to found and lead the International Alliance for Interoperability.

Jim Porter was chief engineer and vice president of engineering and operations for DuPont from 2006 until his recent retirement. He first joined DuPont in 1966 as a chemical engineer, was named vice president of engineering in 1996, and became vice president, safety, health and environment, and engineering in 2004. He has served as chair for the Construction Industry Institute and Delaware's United Negro College Fund, and is a member of the board of governors for the Argonne National Laboratory, the board of directors of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, the National Research Council's Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, and the National Academy of Construction.

Patrick McCrory recently completed an unprecedented seven terms as mayor of Charlotte, N.C. During his tenure as mayor, McCrory successfully secured support and funding for the construction of the city's light rail line and a third parallel runway at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. He also was instrumental in recruiting to the area such companies as TIAA-CREF, General Dynamics Armament, The Westin Hotel, and Johnson & Wales Culinary School. McCrory also led campaigns to bring the NASCAR Hall of Fame to the city and build the Charlotte Arena and U.S. National Whitewater Center.

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