Berntsen Magazine - 29/10/2007

Berntsen International (WI, USA) has launched a their online magazine "Caching Now", which celebrates geocaching and bench mark hunting.

They invite professional surveying friends to read about these GPS-based hobbies, and to share their expertise with their amateur colleagues.


At Caching Now, they plan to:

Help surveyors promote land surveying as a potential career.

Tell interesting stories about geocaching and bench mark hunting.

Promote GPS-based hobbies as fun, educational activities for families.

Get more geocachers interested in bench mark hunting.

Provide useful resources and links.

Have fun!


Current and upcoming articles in Caching Now range from personal essays to expedition reports to technical discussions. The first issue features stories about survey markers at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the different types of maps available on GPS receivers, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors' Geocaching Project.


The premiere issue of Caching Now is now online. 

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