Blue Marble Desktop v2.3 with New Metadata Editor Tool

Blue Marble Geographics (USA) offers support for metadata within the Blue Marble Desktop v2.3. The Metadata Editor tool allows users to create or update FGDC-compliant metadata for files that are processed through the Blue Marble Desktop. This new feature will allow for the seamless integration of metadata into existing workflows which will help users to share geographic data across their complete enterprise while retaining data integrity throughout the entire lifecycle.



Metadata can now be automatically created for any file that the Blue Marble Desktop writes out. A base template, included within the application, can be filled out with standard details included in an XML or TXT metadata file output that is FGDC and Esri compliant. For users that have their own metadata templates, this new feature allows for a smooth interchange with use of the template. In addition to the user defined fields of the template, there are a number of areas that are updated or populated automatically. These include the Process Step information that allows users to see the history of procedures within a particular data set. This helps to ensure the integrity of the data as it changes hands, providing reliable consistency throughout the project. The Metadata editor viewer is another great feature included; allowing users to preview the metadata displayed using a style sheet for easy reading.