Blue Marble Training Sessions - 14/01/2008

Blue Marble Geographics (ME, USA) has announced upcoming Applied Geodesy training sessions for both their Geographic Calculator and Geographic Transformer products during the week of 25th February.

These classes will take place in conjunction with the ESRI Petroleum Users Group (PUG) Conference in Houston, TX. The daylong sessions are in-depth training courses based on these two powerful data conversion applications. Each course features education on the fundamentals of geodesy and mapping, which is useful for the novice, and as a refresher for the expert geodesist. In fact, many people choose to attend these courses for the geodesy training alone. Here is a chance to not only educate oneself on the foundations of geodesy and mapping concepts, but also learn how to harness the power of Blue Marble software.  


Geographic Calculator 7.0, a version upgrade that features many new enterprise-wide collaboration tools and core library enhancements. These tools extend the power of the Calculator to enable geospatial data definition, manipulation and management across the user's organisation. Users are encouraged to bring their own data with which to explore the features and functions of the software, including interactive conversions, point database file conversions, map file conversions, and working with custom coordinate systems.


"Master Raster" with Blue Marble's image georeferencing, reprojection, tiling and mosaicking tool, the Geographic Transformer. Learn to use the Transformer in this compact training session, which covers the entire functionality of the application. Students are encouraged to use their own data to familiarise themselves with, and master, key image management skills.  Learn how to read, understand, and properly reference and reproject raster data, from simple to complex conversions, mosaic and tile out imagery, and work through batch processes.


For further details, please call Blue Marble at (800) 616-2725, or send an email to [email protected] to reserve your spot today.  Blue Marble also offers on-site sessions that can be conveniently planned to fit your schedule. 

Last updated: 28/02/2020