Bluesky Opens Extensive UK Aerial Photography Map Shop - 22/05/2013

UK aerial mapping company Bluesky has launched its biggest ever online map shop. With hundreds of thousands of aerial photographs, the Bluesky MapShop offers a range of purchase options including GIS-ready digital image files and hardcopy photographic prints. The Bluesky MapShop also provides access to a national heighted building map, detailed national height models, Lidar, and a range of other GIS data including Ordnance Survey map products. These are all accessible through the MapShop interface.

The Bluesky MapShop enables visitors to search for their area of interest by place name, postcode or OS Coordinate. Professional users can also upload GIS files, such as shp and KMZ files, to identify their area of interest. The MapShop preview window automatically displays the most up-to-date aerial image of the chosen location. Users can choose alternative epochs or select from the other geographic data products on offer.
Data on the Bluesky MapShop is continually updated and added to as new products are created and new areas of the country re-flown. Plans are underway to add additional geographic data products such as thermal mapping, historic aerial photographs and Bluesky’s National Tree Map.
The MapShop comprises of nearly 40,000 gigabytes of data covering the whole of England, Wales and Scotland – more than one and a half million square kilometres in total. Data currently on offer through the Bluesky MapShop includes two epochs of standard resolution (25cm) aerial photography: coverage from 1999-2005 and 2006-2012. Higher resolutions (12.5cm and 10cm) are also available for selected urban areas.
The MapShop also offers online access to complete Digital Terrain and Surface Models for the whole of England and Wales (5m DTM and 2m DSM) as well as more detailed Lidar data for selected areas. Ordnance Survey products available through the Bluesky MapShop include OS MasterMap and OS VectorMap. In addition, heighted versions of both OS MasterMap and OS VectorMap are available.

Last updated: 17/02/2020