Bluesky Supports Remote Workers with Latest Aerial Photography Online

Bluesky Supports Remote Workers with Latest Aerial Photography Online

Bluesky International has announced that new ultra-high resolution aerial city photography is now available online, together with updated countrywide data, providing users with access to real-world locations from the safety of their own home, office or mobile device.

“With remote working rapidly becoming the new norm, it is essential that users can continue to experience and understand the locations, sites and environments they would normally operate in,” commented Rachel Tidmarsh, managing director of Bluesky International. “Geographic data provides this intelligence like no other solution. From the safety of a screen, users can assess access points, make condition assessments and even plan the deployment of resources – without setting foot outside or near another person.”

Digital height data modelling

In the latest move by Bluesky International, more than 100,000 square kilometres of aerial photography has been added to its digital Mapshop covering areas such as Newcastle, Exeter and Hull as well as parts of County Durham, Devon and Lincolnshire. The recent update also includes digital height data modelling of both the earth’s surface and buildings and vegetation.

Bluesky is also adding ultra-high resolution (5 centimetre) imagery of London, Nottingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Newcastle and Oxford, captured using its CityMapper hybrid airborne sensor, and geographically accurate, photo-realistic MetroVista 3D mesh models of several major UK cities, including Birmingham, Bristol and the capital. To complement the digital imagery, there are 25cm Digital Surface Models (DSM) and 5-metre Digital Terrain Models (DTM).

Different epochs of both imagery and height models have also been added to the Bluesky Mapshop, equating to more than a million square kilometres of data. These datasets, dating from 2016 to 2019, provide context for the most up-to-date solutions and can provide details for temporal change analysis or site history studies.  

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