C-Astral Introduces New Bramor UAS Line - 15/03/2013

C-Astral, Slovenia, has made a series of presentations of its Bramor UAS family and has introduced the new Bramor EO/IR/LI line. The new model has doubled flight endurance and is equipped with a new 30km LOS COFDM real-time video link. The Bramor family is suited for remote sensing applications.

In January and February 2013, C-Astral made several flight demonstrations for the Italian General Secretariat of Defence on various locations in Slovenia and Italy. They presented the newest addition to the Bramor UAS family, the Bramor EO/IR/LI. The new system offers a doubled endurance with 180 minutes of flight. A set of 3-hour night flight demonstrations took place to disperse any doubts that the new system would be taking advantage of the thermals to prolong the flight time capability.

The new system has also demonstrated the 30km LOS digital COFDM real-time video link capabilities, an advanced solution for the next generation of situational awareness operations. The extensive presentations of video link capacities were made in Rome and Brindisi for the Italian General Secretariat of Defence, Carabinieri, Police, Fire Department, Civil Protection, Guardia di Finanza, Municipal Police, Italian Naval Special Forces, Italian Air Force and Rangers, who also took interest in multiple presentations of the Bramor gEO model and its capabilities.

During C-Astral’s visit in Italy the Bramor gEO model demonstrations were also performed for about 40 interested GIS companies and they are happy to report that orders for new systems are already taking place.

After C-Astral’s successful presentation of the new system for Italy, demonstrations were also requested by the Slovenian Army who expressed interest both in the Bramor EO/IR/LI and gEO capabilities. An additional sequence of presentational missions for the Slovenian Army took place during the first week of March.

Last updated: 21/09/2020