C-Astral Launches New Range of UAS Solutions - 30/10/2014

C-Astral, the Slovenia-based performance surveying, remote sensing and tactical small UAS integrator, has unveiled new high-precision systems and new tactical UAS solutions. The Bramor C4Eye, designed for real-time or near-real-time video observation and surveillance, and the Bramor rTK, suited for surveying and remote sensing applications, are among the products that have been launched.

The Bramor C4Eye with the triple sensor thermal, visible light and laser-stabilised target tracking gimbal is a solution for persistent full spectrum observation, surveillance, convoy following, perimeter security and infrastructure protection applications in a compact, industry leading package. With a 3-hour endurance the system easily competes with much larger ISR complexes. Currently fielded in the Afghan theatre with NATO forces, the C4Eye, gEO and rTK systems are operating globally in very diverse environmental conditions.

The Bramor rTK is the newest member of the C-Astral UAS high precision instrument family. With a class leading endurance of up to 3 hours, first-rate ground sampling distance, optical resolutions, smallest true error and centimetre level change detection workflow, C-Astral claims this system redefines the meaning of "ground truth". With the Bramor rTK, C-Astral aims to introduce a new level of performance, productivity and reach to the small UAS market.

The Bramor rTK and gEO systems deliver industry leading coverages with an array of sensors, comprising visible light, NIR, NDVI and hyperspectral options. Geomatics professionals are welcome to visit the C-Astral website to get more information from the C-Astral team.

Learn more about UAS for geomatics applications at Geo-matching.com.

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