CAD/GIS Integration Ideal Closer

CAD/GIS Integration Ideal Closer

Autodesk has announced that Dotted Eyes has become an official Autodesk partner. As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), the company will initially concentrate on selling AutoCAD Map 3D, the leading engineering platform for creating and managing spatial data.  


Dotted Eyes is leading the way in developing a Unified Spatial Environment (USE), in which the Autodesk spatial data management tools play a pivotal part in the integration of CAD and GIS data. The company's vision is to merge CAD, GIS and map data into a USE which will offer users more efficient data sharing and better protection of data integrity across entire operations.


This integrated approach to spatial data management is of particular importance to the public sector where the introduction of data sharing guidelines under the European INSPIRE directive has made selecting a spatial data management tool, such as AutoCAD MAP 3D, a priority for local authorities. 



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