Capturing the Challenges and Chances of Aerial Mapping

Capturing the Challenges and Chances of Aerial Mapping

‘To make the European aerial surveying business sustainable’ – that is the vision of EAASI (the European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries). And that is why the association wants to lead the industry innovation and transformation that will find solutions for the next decade’s many challenges – including the adoption of artificial intelligence, new platforms for data acquisition, environmental policies that may affect civil aviation, and many others.

There are already 42 companies and institutions under the EAASI umbrella sharing EAASI goals and principles but, needless to say, such an ambitious vision requires the participation of even more stakeholders.

This is the reason why, together with members and observers, EAASI is currently in the process of building a new IDEAS Forum where associates, sensor manufacturers, software developers, institutions, clients and the next generations (i.e. universities) will have the opportunity to debate about the market needs, standardization and future developments, joining forces to create a more efficient, profitable and sustainable industry. The aim is to become a reference not only for members, but also for competitors and other industries (environment, agriculture, emergency services) and areas of expertise which will require and demand aerial survey data.

“We believe in the societal importance of this industry. Environment, agriculture, emergency services and many other areas will continue to require and demand aerial survey data, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the right data at the right time,” says Marcos Martinez, secretary-general of EAASI.

“For this reason, we would really appreciate it if you could complete our survey. This will help us to identify and understand the most important challenges and the biggest threats for the industry over the coming years.”

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