Carlson Releases FiX1 Fixed Installation Scanner

Carlson Releases FiX1 Fixed Installation Scanner

Carlson Software has released the FiX1 Fixed Installation Scanner for volumetric scanning and stockpile measurement. Designed as a permanent installation, the FiX1 is used to automate the delivery of volumetric data without the need for personnel and additional measurement tools on-site.

The Carlson FiX1 provides a simple, automated method for obtaining volumetric data of stockpiles in many different installation scenarios. The instrument can be mounted upside down or right-side up dependent on the stockpile placement. After installation, no knowledge of surveying, data processing or point cloud manipulation is required by users. It can be scheduled to scan, process and deliver a result without user intervention.

Complete history of scans

The instrument is accessed through the FiX1 Web UI. Once a volumetric scan is activated, the FiX1 Web UI will generate a point cloud, extract the region of interest, and automatically calculate the volume of material in that area.

“What I think users will really like about the FiX1 is that it can provide a complete history of scans,” says Brad Husack, Carlson support and special projects engineer. “Volumes are stored and users can download results at any time”. Additionally, the Web UI provides a graphical representation of historical changes. Scan density and coverage can be user-defined through the setting of laser and angle resolutions in the Web UI.

The FiX1 features a rugged IP67 design for operation even in extreme environments. It can be remotely connected through either cellular data, Wi-Fi or ethernet connection.

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