CHC Supplier Partnership with DigiTerra - 22/03/2013

CHC Navigation, China, has entered into a supplier agreement with Hungary-based DigiTerra Information Services. DigiTerra Explorer mobile GIS and mapping software is now available pre-installed on CHC LT30 and LT400 handheld GPS/GIS receivers offering GIS data capture and maintenance solutions for GIS professionals.

George Zhao, CEO of CHC Navigation, commented that CHC is excited to start a strategic partnership with DigiTerra to offer advanced, field-to-finish GPS/GIS solutions to its international customers. The combination of CHC’s LT GNSS Handheld series with Digiterra Explorer provides a high-end and cost-effective answer to numerous vertical markets including agriculture, forestry and utilities.

Balázs Nyull, managing director of DigiTerra Information Services said DigiTerra is proud to partner with CHC Navigation, one of the fastest growing international GNSS players in the market. With a clear focus on quality, performance and customer support, he anticipates a strong market adoption of these LT series and DigiTerra Explorer packages.

DigiTerra Explorer is an out-of-the-box mobile GIS and field data collection solution that provides database access, mapping, GIS and GPS integration. The LT30 and LT400 GPS/GIS series offer metre and sub-metre positioning in compact and rugged handheld receivers and features Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, GPRS connectivity and more, thus making it very suitable for GIS and mapping applications.

Last updated: 17/02/2020