China Discusses Smart City in Relation to Geoinformation - 15/05/2013

Experts on the concept of Smart City gathered last week at Wuhan University in Wuhan, China. At the opening of the Geospatial Information Summit on Smart City 2013, professor Deren Li welcomed speakers including Michael Goodchild, Orhan Altan, Armin GrĂ¼n and John Trinder from abroad as well as Junyong Chen, Anthony Yeh, Jianya Gong, Yaloin Liu and more from China.

The speakers shared their knowledge and ideas on the application of GIS for Smart City in order to make the modern city "low on carbon, green and sustainable" as professor Deren Li summarised the Chinese dream for cities of the future. Hundreds of students of the Wuhan University attended the two-day seminar, organised by LIESMARS. 

Photo: Professor Deren Li on Smart City during his keynote speech.

Last updated: 15/11/2019