Cm Precision GPS Mapping Solution - 02/02/2007

KOREC (United Kingdom) has launched a new system that makes RTK cm precision GPS a viable solution for the mapping market.

By combining a Trimble RTK GPS Receiver, Trimble’s VRS Now Service and FastMap Tablet GIS Data Capture software, a cost- effective, simple, real-time, 3D, cm precision GIS Data Capture against the OS MasterMap has now moved into the mainstream for GIS mapping users.

The introduction of Trimble’s VRS Now service has eliminated the need to use a GPS base station together with the time consuming complexities associated with setting it up. The service provides end users with instant access to RTK corrections throughout Great Britain.  Precise GPS surveys can be up and running in minutes without the need for specialist surveying knowledge.

System users are working to the DNF (Digital National Framework) whilst KOREC’s FastMap Tablet software employs the OSTNO2 transformation which is the basis for all Ordnance Survey mapping.

Benefits include increased accuracy and consistency, ease of use, significant time savings in the field and office and the ability to see GPS positions in real-time against OS MasterMap data. Surveyors can now verify and issue the completed survey data capture on site ensuring that office work is kept to a bare minimum.


Source: KOREC Group

Last updated: 24/01/2021