Colombian Mayors Learn about Fit-for-purpose Land Administration - 08/04/2020

At a meeting for new mayors and governors in Colombia, the Kadaster International team presented the Land in Peace project and introduced the fit-for-purpose approach. Up to 60% of the rural population in Colombia does not have legal proof of ownership over their land. At the current pace, it will take centuries to realize tender security for all. The Land in Peace project is aimed at speeding up the process by applying the fit-for-purpose method: the farmers themselves walk along the borders of their land with a GPS to demarcate their plot.

At the end of 2019, elections took place in Colombia and 1100 new mayors were elected. The ESAP academic institute (Escuela Superior de Administración Pública) organized a meeting for the new mayors. At this meeting, the Kadaster International team in Colombia presented the Land in Peace project and introduced the new mayors and 35 new governors to the Fit-for-Purpose approach by showing them the video ‘Land in Peace Project in Colombia’.

A transparent, fast and participatory approach

During the first three months of their term, the mayors and governors are requested to submit a municipal development plan that also includes cadastral policy. Several municipalities have already requested more information about Land in Peace and it is expected that more mayors will be interested to further learn about this transparent, fast and participatory approach to land administration.

Read more about the project Land in Peace in Colombia here.

Source: Kadaster International.

Last updated: 16/04/2020