Colombian Oil Company Expands GIS Capacity - 19/10/2012

Ecopetrol, the national oil company in Colombia, has obtained an Esri enterprise license agreement (ELA) to support its extensive operations. The ELA software programme simplifies procurement of essential ArcGIS technology supporting Ecopetrol's strategy and growth objectives.

Among the top oil companies in South America, Ecopetrol uses GIS to manage its extensive exploration, and production activities, and the complex processes associated with their efficient execution.

Otto Manjarres, IT coordinator for GIS, Ecopetrol, commented "The ELA enables Ecopetrol to use the latest GIS technology for maintaining a complete and integrated picture of our operations." This will help the Ecopetrol staff to better manage wells, land, pipeline infrastructure, and distribution. "Esri's ELA makes it possible for us to optimise the value and benefits of Ecopetrol’s GIS," Manjarres concluded.

"Ecopetrol looks to the future when planning its business operations," said Geoff Wade, Esri Petroleum industry manager. "Esri is committed to its relationship with Ecopetrol, and appreciates the company's foresight in building a GIS infrastructure that will serve its vision for many years to come," Wade added.

Last updated: 30/05/2020